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Content Creator
I am a content creator with an engaged audience and I want to learn about joining the Amazon Influencer program.
 Amazon Influencer 
I am already an Amazon Influencer and I want to learn more about how to optimize my processes for better commission.
 Amazon Seller 
I am an Amazon Seller and I would like to work with Amazon Influencers for onsite shoppable content.
Getting Started with Amazon Influencer Webinar
Key Benefits
  • No need to read every Facebook group, reddit thread and Amazon post about the program
  • The course walks you through the program step by step
  • Dedicated student only Facebook group with monthly office hours
  • Access to our founder Liz, and other experienced Influencers
  • Learn everything from the onsite placement approval process to product research and monetization
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  • Save hours by streamlining product research
  • No more clicking in and out of every listing
  • All the product page information brought to you wherever you’re researching
  • Centralized video placement management inside Creator hub - no more manual audits (which takes hours!)
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  • Product listing audit to see if your listing is optimized for Influencer content
  • 1-1 strategy call to go over the audit and discuss if Amazon Influencer is a fit for your product listing
  • Adding Amazon Influencer content to a product listing has been shown to increase conversion rates by up to 45% month over month.
  • Amazon Influencers are FTC and Amazon TOS compliant, and is the only way to get UGC onto your product listing!
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 Frequently Asked Questions 
What is Amazon Influencer?

Amazon Influencer is an extension of the Amazon Associates program, also known as the Affiliate program. The Influencer Program focuses on shoppable content that lives on Amazon and helps buyers make more confident buying decisions.

How do I qualify for the Amazon Influencer Program?
How do Amazon Influencers make money?
What types of products can you create content for?
I’m in, but need help learning the ins and outs. Can you help?
I am an Amazon Influencer and want to scale my business, how does the extension help?
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