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 Amazon Sellers: Squeeze More Juice Out Of Your Product Listing 
 Let’s Grow Your Amazon Product Revenues with Influencer Infusions 
At Fluencer Fruit, we have a strong
Amazon Influencer strategy
The Goal
  • Optimize your listing for Amazon Shoppers and sales
The Challenge
  • Adding social proof that converts and is Amazon TOS compliant
Hi, I’m Liz 
I’ve been living that Amazon life since 2016.  You can say that's like 72 lifetime in internet years! While I started as an affiliate marketer and seller, I saw that having the right data is what sets influencers and sellers apart. I've seen what works and what doesn't and pulled that insight into the Fluencer Fruit extension. Stop wasting time and get faster, better results with an easy to use data tool. (Yes, data.) But, it's easy and fun, and we call it a Fruity Score!
~ Liz Saunders
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 Let’s see if your brand is ready for Influencer Expansion 
 With the right brands and sellers, we can easily:

  • Get the right influencers to video review 
  • Know what makes a product attractive to high performing influencers
  • Have an easy-to-manage influencer marketing strategy in your business 
What We Do On A Call To Figure This Out
 Product Performance Audit 
 We look at your listing and find ways to optimize for Amazon Influencer content. 
Prioritize Your Influencer Plan
 Where to focus your efforts first, second and third, to organically attract Influencers, and reach out proactively. 
Then Show Your How to Do this Faster
 The Fluencer Fruit Connect program makes this easy peachy (because, peas are veggies not fruits). 
 Book a call 
 Book a call to get your influencer partner strategy 
Who Are The Amazon Influencer Partners
 I'm SOOO happy and grateful, Liz!  I filmed 3 more videos last night and am starting to really crank them out!  Using the criteria you laid out I was making money and didn't even know it! I can't wait to see how this next round of video reviews turns out. 
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I am so grateful that I came across your Instagram. It was a blessing because I have been saying, I need some assistance with this. I’m not understanding some things and you just can’t get the help that you need. And then I came across you out of the blue and it was heaven sent!
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Thank you!
Coaching with you as I was getting started was a
game changer!  Within a month I was making money, and within my first 3 months, I'm already on my way to $1,000 for the month!

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How to multiply your revenue with an influencer fruit infusion
Our Fruitful Process
 (Pssst..... Here's your reward for reading this far)
The algorithm will change. But the right partners and good processes are lasting.
Build the influencer partnerships.  Get successful together with this current trend.  And grow together as the data shows us what changes.

The current secret sauce is this:
The current secret sauce is this:
Videos are highly consumed.  Every platform is optimizing for video.  High performing Amazon Influencers are top notch video producers. And Amazon loves this.

Let's build your Amazon Influencer strategy and leverage those videos with data-backed results.
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